Mario Lionel Lotmore - Washington State Senate Candidate

Initiative 1634: Prohibit Local Taxes on Groceries Measure

This measure would prevent local governments from imposing or collecting any new tax, fee, or other assessment on certain grocery items after January 15, 2018. This restriction would prohibit any new local tax, fee, or assessment of any kind on the manufacture, distribution, sale, possession, ownership, transfer, transportation, container, use, or consumption of certain groceries. Initiative 1634 would also prohibit any increase of existing local taxes, fees, or assessments on these grocery items after January 15, 2018.
Mario supports I-1634 - who can be against affordable groceies especially because taxing items would disproportionately impact low income and the middle class residents? The incumbent cannot commit to supporting I-1634 because, "this would preempt local jurisdictions from implementing regulations," - Edmonds Chamber of Commerce Forum, October 1st 2018.

Initiative 1631: Carbon Emissions Fee Measure

This is Sound Transit 4 in disguise and a power grab by the Governor!

Fact: 15 member Board and 27 advisors are ALL appointed by the Governor. These are not elected officials!

Fact: 1631 Establishes a PROTECTED CLASS of “major polluters” which are exempted from the carbon fee (8 of 12 polluters). Everyone should pay their fair share. Either everyone pays or no one pays!

Fact: 1631 Allocates money for public transportation (as much as 70%). This is a SOUND TRANSIT 4 in disguise. Don't be bamboozled again!

Fact: 1631 will charge the carbon fee to outside power companies that provide power to WA during the transition to solar and wind - your electric bill will rise significantly.

Mario does not support I-1631 - What ever happened to transparency?  This is ST4 in disguise and a power grab by the Governor! The incumbant supports I-1631.  I-1631 is not only an attack on small businesses and on emerging economies (aka diverse revenue streams) it is an attack on MIDDLE-CLASS families who WILL face the tax burden.

Currently WA state is ranked #2 for cleanest energy in the US (OR state is #1) and ranked 50th in energy production costs; hence making WA the cleanest and cheapest energy production in the country.  Mario strongly believes PROTECTING OUR MARINE LIFE in Puget Sound from overfishing and pollution is a top priority for the Legislature.
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Initiative 1639: Changes to Gun Ownership and Purchase Requirements Measure

There are too many unanswered questions with this initiative and it covers various subjects.  My concerns are the following:

1.  Potential violation of Single Subject Clause for initiatives – this may not be even be constitutional!

2.  Potential HIPA violation – You waive your right to medical privacy for life. 

3.  No clear definition of mental illness prohibitions.  This can range from post-mortem depression to bi-polar disorder to autism.  Eventually lifestyle choices from abortion history to substance abuse could be used to determine your eligibility to own a firearm (e.g. medicinal marijuana users).  This may prevent people from seeking much needed treatment with fear of losing their gun rights.

4.  Semi-auto Gun Fee – ever increasing and will eventually be applied to handguns.

5.  Privacy – none of us want a government official in our house and especially not in our bedroom to inspect for safe storage.

6.  Requires Safe Storage – We currently have criminal negligence laws on the books.  This can also result in a gun dumping like was seen in California.

7.  Age Restriction – no exemptions for long barrel signal shot non-shotgun firearms - e.g. hunting rifle.

8.  Required Training – should be optional and will eventually be applied to handguns.

9. Increased waiting period without exceptions.

Mario does not support I-1639.  The incumbant does support I-1639.   To curb gun violence Mario proposes the following with the last being an optional element:

1. Minimum sentencing for felony gun crimes - if one uses a gun in the commission of a crime 10-yrs, fires a gun 20-yrs, and if someone is shot 25-yrs to life in prison. 
This has double digit proven successes (e.g. 26.4% reduction within 2-yrs of being implemented in Florida).

2. Increased penalties for gun related criminal negligence. Empower victims of gun related crimes.

3. Adopt-a-School Program - elected officials to partner with local PTAs and Student Councils to remove the red tape. Not only top-down but bottom-up solutions. This will create tailored bottom-up solutions not only combating gun violence but also gangs, drug use, and suicide.

4. Enforce the law against those who attempt to purchase a firearm knowing they are ineligible - e.g. felons. We currently do not follow-up on these malicious attempts to game the system.

5. THIS IS OPTIONAL To keep gun laws universal, handguns purchases are currently restricted to those 21 years of age (with some exceptions). This could be extended to long barrel firearms with exemptions to active military, former military with an honorable discharge, active law enforcement and single shot rifles (not shot guns). This isn't a must but is worth discussing for a bipartisan solution.