Mario Lionel Lotmore - Washington State Senate Candidate
  1. Enough is Enough
    Why is this race important?
  2. Background and Values
    Get to know Mario Lotmore: Background and Values
  3. Why Vote for Mario Lotmore?
    - 18 Years Aerospace, Manufacturing and Banking - 10 Years Project Management Expertise - Lean Operations Management Expertise - Values You Over Self-Interest - Union and Non-union Job Creator - Service and Accountability - Not a Product of The Political Class
  1. Mario on Transportation
    Clip between Mario and his opponent on Transportation from the League of Women Voters 2018 Forum. Mario will work to WIN on your behalf - NO MORE TOLLS, NO GAS TAX INCREASE, NO PAY-BY-MILE! It's time YOUR revenue works for YOU. Enough is Enough!
  2. Vocational Education
    - Adult & Continuing Education - More Skill Centers - Community College & Skill Center Alliance - Invest in Under-Represented Groups - Aptitude Testing with Career Testing
  3. Mario on the Environment
    We must PRESERVE and PROTECT our Puget Sound.
  1. 2018 Edmonds Chamber of Commerce Forum
    Clip from Edmonds Chamber of Commerce Forum on October 1st. I provided solutions to the issues and vision for both our district and our state. From the video I discussed removing the statute of limitations on both sex crimes against children and felony rape; supporting I-1634 Affordable Groceries; working across the aisle with Senator Maralyn Chase to achieve a viable Economic Growth Plan for our state; and curbing gun vioence with 10-20-life minimum sentencing for felonies involving a firearm, promoting social interaction with an Adopt-a-School program, and increased penalties for gun related criminal negligence all of which are more effective than the proposed I-1639.
  2. 2018 League of Women Voters Forum
    Topics centered on education, transportation, the environment, working together, taxes and the economy.
  3. Reaching Across The Aisle
    Working together to win for you and putting you before party.


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I am before you today as ONE OF YOU – AN HONEST TAX PAYING WASHINGTONIAN – and not the PRODUCT OF THE POLITICAL CLASS.  I left my job to be of service to others after witnessing unsafe working conditions at a Mexican factory where I was powerless to do anything.   I vowed, NEVER AGAIN!

Our district is facing an opioid epidemic, an affordability issue and we must promote and protect vocational opportunities to remain competitive in a global economy.  I am a proven leader who will no longer continue the tax and spend policies of throwing money at symptoms but will work with other leaders of our community - both in the public and private sectors - to pass policies getting our district back on track for a better future.

I come to Olympia with a UNIQUE SET OF SKILLS and experiences none of my fellow future colleagues currently have. 

  • 18 years of private industry experience in the aerospace and banking industries – skills needed for a viable Economic Growth Plan for our state
  • Project Management expertise that we all know is desperately needed on the Transportation Committee to get Sound Transit under control
  • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt expertise to develop comprehensive policies of working smarter not harder
  • As an industrial engineer by trade and former SPEEA member I have saved and created hundreds of union and non-union jobs 
  • I know what it takes to be on-call, available and accountable to the welfare of others as I am the current President – former Treasurer – of a 600 resident / $1.8M HOA
  • I will value you over self-interest – When my tenet, a single mother, wanted to purchase her condo, I credited all the rent she paid so she can be a 1st time homeowner

I am an engineer by trade and as you know, engineers fix things.  As your next state Senator, I will work across the aisle to reduce the accessibility of opioids in our community; promote vocational opportunities making our youth not only college ready but also career ready and I will work across the aisle to implement a viable Economic Growth Plan for our state – diversifying its revenue streams.
My talent is finding “that recipe” of shared destiny for everyone.  I humbly ask for your vote to get our district and our state back on track for a better future.  I am that candidate YOU can believe in to return trust back in government and return trust back to Olympia!
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Views on the Issues
What is Lean Six Sigma?


  • Eighteen (18) years of Operation Excellence in the Aerospace, Manufacturing and Banking industries
  • Ten (10) years of experience in Project Management and Strategic Development
  • Saved and created hundreds of high paying jobs (both union and non-union)   
  • Current Front 9 Condominium Board of Directors, President (former Treasurer)
  • Former Boeing 747-8 Diversity Council Leader
  • Industrial Engineering Degree – University of Central Florida
  • Other Industry Certifications:
    • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt
    • Certified Six Sigma Green Belt
    • Lean Green Belt
    • Certified Quality Improvement Associate
    • Engineer in Training , Florida Board of Engineers

  • Six (6) year resident of Mukilteo, WA
  • Exposed to various cultures, people, and approaches to life having lived in every region of the United States
  •  Washington Alliance for Better Schools: Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM) Fellow and Volunteer
    • Columbia Elementary – Mukilteo, Horizon Elementary – Everett, Westgate Elementary – Edmonds, and Whittier Elementary – Everett
  • Endeavour Elementary PTA STEM Volunteer – Mukilteo
  • Mukilteo 10 Republican Precinct Committee Officer
  • A proud American from The Commonwealth of The Bahamas
  • Mother –  retired Special Education educator at the University of The Bahamas
  • Father – retired Bahamian entertainer and tour guide
  • Raised Catholic and a member of Sonrise Christian Center in Everett
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